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Established in 1998, Complete Caring Ltd provides 'Care in the home' for elderly and people with special needs.

At Complete Caring Ltd we have a full range of services available to enable the service user to remain at home with support.

Our services are delivered by our trained staff with care and respect.  It is never easy to accept a stranger in your home or that help is needed.  We understand these worries and issues and will deliver a caring and friendly approach to these changes in your life.

Whenever possible, it is always best to keep the same carer with the service user.  This helps in many ways.  Firstly, changes is never an easy thing to accept at any age, so we endevour to keep continuity at the forefront of our care.  Secondly, a regular carer is able to let us know of any changes that are visible in the client.  This way, we can always make sure that the correct care needs are in place at all times.

If you have any queries or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


At Complete Caring, we have a full range of services available for you.

From hourly care to live-in care, we can provide all aspects of care for you and your family.

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At Complete Caring Ltd, we are always happy to receive applications for new staff

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Quality Care Report

Our quality care report is available from the Quality Care Commision website.  Read more about our report now.